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Papua New Guinea is the second largest island in the world, just north of Australia in the South Pacific. Constant flooding, piranha and crocodile infested waters, and malaria-carrying mosquitoes make this country a dangerous place to raise children.


  • Children make up almost half of Papua New Guinea’s largely rural population. The population is estimated at 6.2 million.
  • It is estimated that over 50,000 Papua New Guineans are currently HIV-infected. The number of infected children is estimated to be 11,000.
  • As many as half the primary school aged children in Papua New Guinea do not attend school. Many of the schools lack basic facilities such as safe water and toilet facilities as well as furniture and teaching aids.
  • Despite great traditions, violence against women and children and physical and sexual abuse of children are widely prevalent and a major threat to Papua New Guinea’s development.
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Helping the Children

Kids Alive International began working in Papua New Guinea in 1992, and today our programs include the Sepik Christian Ministries Schools, College of Distant Education, High School, Bible Training Center, Women’s Ministries, Bible Translation Revision, Marsh Medical Center (with patrols to other villages), Hauna Church and Sunday School Program, Vocational Training Program and the Evangelistic Outreach Program.

When Kids Alive first came to Hauna village, in the swamplands on one of the country’s largest rivers, the mortality rate for children under age five was 80 percent. Because of an effective immunization program and medical care through the Kids Alive clinic, today that number is less than 20 percent.

Kids Alive also has a wonderful education program in Hauna that continues to expand to other nearby villages. In the last twenty years, Hauna and surrounding villages have progressed from an illiterate society to one in which many can now read and write in three languages: Sepik Iwam, Pidgin English (the trade language), and English. After such success, Kids Alive is constantly invited to come to remote villages to provide education for the children. The main goal is to reach people in these remote areas with the education they need, as well as to provide various services relating to their health and spiritual well being.

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Shirley Killosky

At a time in her life when most folks are retiring, Shirley is “still going strong!” Before going to Hauna Village in 1979 to work in literacy, she taught school in northwest Indiana, and holds a B.S. degree from Indiana University and a Master’s Degree from Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Shirley founded the Hauna Schools where currently over 900 students are enrolled in our elementary and high schools. Current responsibilities of Field Director and Supervisor for CODE High School in Hauna occupy most of Shirley’s time. Since Hauna Village affiliated with Kids Alive International in 1992, the Sepik Christian Ministries National Board was formed and the ministry continues to expand to remote jungle regions. Kids Alive has ongoing requests to open new schools “up river” to teach children and adults who have never had the opportunity to read, write and hear the Gospel.

As a mother of three adult children with their own families (James, Lisa and Donald), Shirley’s passion is to support and care for the people of Papua New Guinea. “I saw how much the people in the jungle needed assistance in all areas of life – both physical and spiritual. I think there is still much to do and many people still need to be reached.”

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