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KBNJ invites you to join Kids Alive to change the life of one child forever. Please help rescue a special child in need by becoming a KidLife Sponsor.

Becoming a KidLife Sponsor allows you to get to know a vulnerable child from a faraway place — what he or she wants and needs, and their hopes for the future. You'll be able to write to your child and receive letters back. You'll learn about their struggles and their successes as your sponsored child moves towards hope and a new life. In a very real way, your rescued child will become part of your family.

Rescuing Children...

Your support will allow one precious child to receive everything needed for physical survival, plus the promise of a better future.  And - most importantly - they will have an opportunity to receive eternal life and hope in Jesus Christ.

For nearly 100 years, Kids Alive International has been changing children’s lives and for nine consecutive years has received a four-star rating with Charity Navigator.  That places us in the top 1% of all US charities.

Rescuing children is more than just improving their communities.  Kids Alive rescues one child at a time and welcomes them into our family, providing food, love, medical care, education and spiritual hope.  The child you sponsor today has come from a life of poverty and little opportunity.  With your help he or she will have a chance to dream of something different and become someone who shares that hope with others.

Please select a child below to begin your sponsorship.  Within the next 5 to 7 business days you will receive a packet with more information about your child, including a current photograph.

Each month your sponsorship amount of $39.00 will be applied to the credit card you start with today.  You can change credit cards or cancel your sponsorship at any time by calling us at 1-300-543-7330.

Select Your Child...

*please note; for the protection of the child, we are not able to provide the child's photo or last name.

    Name:  Maribel     Birthdate:  9/20/2000     Age:  13

Maribel and her sister were abandoned by their parents and were brought to the Kids Alive home by Guatemalan authorities. They girls are very happy to have their... Read More

    Name:  Jesica     Birthdate:  11/15/2000     Age:  13

Jesica came to the Kids Alive home from a nearby critical-nutrition center. She was in a wheel chair and unable to speak when she arrived, but now receives speech... Read More

    Name:  Abi     Birthdate:  12/10/2001     Age:  12

Abi is a very happy, quiet child. She enjoys the times when she is with the other children in the home. Abi came from a painful situation and is now growing in every... Read More

    Name:  Paola     Birthdate:  11/2/1998     Age:  15

Since moving to the Kids Alive home, Paola has adjusted very well. She loves to laugh, sing, and dance. She is happy to be in a safe and secure environment where... Read More

    Name:  Elvira    Birthdate:  7/12/1999     Age:  14

Elvira is a smart and determined young lady. She is very good at soccer and has done three years of schooling in two years time! We are thankful to have her in.. Read More

    Name:  Daniela     Birthdate:  12/2/2004     Age:  9

Daniela is a very happy and outgoing child, despite the pain of her past. She has two sisters at the Kids Alive home and is very happy to be reunited with them... Read More

    Name:  Patty     Birthdate:  2/15/1999     Age:  15

Patty's mother did not give her the care and protection she needed, and as a result, Patty suffered abuse. She was at a different children's home before coming to the... Read More

    Name:  Sandrita     Birthdate:  Unknown     Age: 

Sandrita's mother did not provide the care and protection she needed, and as a result, she suffered from abuse. Sandrita is very cute and little and she loves to smile... Read More

    Name:  Sindy     Birthdate:  8/16/2001     Age:  12

Sindy's mother did not provide the care and protection she needed, and she has suffered because of that. Sindy now has a big family with lots of sisters who love her... Read More

    Name:  Amada     Birthdate:  9/13/1996     Age:  17

Amada has suffered from abuse and a broken family. At the Kids Alive home she is learning basic life skills along with learning a trade to help her as she... Read More

    Name:  Marta     Birthdate:  10/6/1999     Age:  14

Marta came to the Kids Alive home from another group home. She has suffered from abuse and the court system brought her to us to help with her healing... Read More

    Name:  Leslyn     Birthdate:  8/31/2001     Age:  12

Leslyn came to us after the home she was living in was closed. Before that she lived with her abusive mother. Her life has been very unstable until now. She is a quiet... Read More

    Name:  Kati     Birthdate:  9/16/1999     Age:  14

Kati came to us after being mistreated by her stepmother. She was removed from the home and brought here. Kati is very happy at the Kids Alive home. She is a... Read More

    Name:  Jennifer     Birthdate:  8/26/1997     Age:  16

Jenny's mother sold her to a family when she was just one year old. The family she lived with was very unstable and often neglected the children. Jenny has had a... Read More

    Name:  Wendy     Birthdate:  2/7/2000     Age:  14

Walesca came to the Kids Alive home after telling a teacher of the abuse she was suffering. She lived with her grandmother who allowed the abuse. Now, Walesca has a... Read More

    Name:  Jaquelin     Birthdate:  1/12/2002     Age:  12

Jaquelin was brought to us after her aunt notified the authorities about her neglect and abuse. Jaquelin is fitting in well at the Kids Alive home and she enjoys riding... Read More

    Name:  Fatima     Birthdate:  4/19/2005     Age:  8

Fatima is a spunky little girl who has suffered abuse and manipulation in her life. At the Kids Alive home she is safe, has an advocate to pursue justice on her behalf... Read More

    Name:  Jenifer      Birthdate:  5/19/2001     Age:  12

Jenifer is a sweet-tempered, brave girl who suffered abuse before coming to the Kids Alive home. Since her arrival, Jenifer has opened her heart to the safety and... Read More

    Name:  Mirsy     Birthdate:  8/25/2004   Age:  9

Mirsy suffered before coming to Oasis. At the Kids Alive home, she is safe and free to begin the long journey ahead of her towards wholeness in Jesus Christ. In addition... Read More

    Name:  Nohemy     Birthdate:  5/5/2003     Age:  10

Nohemy is a very sweet, caring, bright girl who suffered the trauma of abuse before coming to Oasis. At the Oasis she is safe, has an advocate to pursue justice...Read More

    Name:  Letty   Birthdate:  9/3/2003     Age:  10

Letty now lives with her mother after being in our Oasis home. She is now in our Families Together Program where we can monitor her care and continue to provide... Read More

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