Rescue a a baby.

Every day in Guatemala, 10 more girls who are 14 and younger give birth to a baby.  At least half of these births are the result of rape and abuse. Kids Alive international is already working with severely abused girls in Guatemala. And we are about to open a new home for girls who are pregnant from rape and sexual abuse.

You can care for one girl and her baby.

Help rescue and provide loving Christian care to redeem and restore a young mother and her precious baby. You’ll be providing compassionate Christian care that meets both physical and spiritual needs.

  • $52 Cares for 3 pregnant girls and their babies for one day
  • $123 Cares for a pregnant girl and her baby for an entire week
  • $195 Provides a crib, mattress & sheets for one baby
  • $366 Provides for the rescue of one pregnant girl
  • $744 Covers the cost of one high risk birth

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URGENT: Almost every week we are forced to turn away young pregnant girls because we lack funding to care for them and their babies.  HELP CHANGE THAT and CHANGE LIVES TODAY.

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