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Our Annual Ministry Report is ready for you!

Kids Alive International 2018 Annual Ministry Report

The Kids Alive International 2018 Annual Ministry Report is ready for your review! Read all about how God used your compassion, your prayers, and your gifts to put orphans and vulnerable children on the path to a bright future!

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Judy arrived after being in the hospital for 13 days due to abuse.  At 8 years old, she was very traumatized physically but the emotional toll was even higher.  She would not speak.  Not only had Judy endured tremendous suffering but she was now in a world unlike anything she had ever experienced.  So many girls talking, running, laughing, a safe bed – all the things you would expect in a normal house full girls of all ages on a campus with 40 other girls. But all these things were very alien to Judy’s world before coming to Oasis.  Her world had been abuse and neglect.

It was almost too much for Judy to handle until the smallest in the house took her hand.  “Don’t worry, Jesus loves you” was what Samantha told her.  Samantha, 5 years old, had come to the Oasis just a couple of weeks earlier.  Samantha and her sister had been rescued from an abused home.

During an earlier devotional, at the Oasis, they admitted to their house parent that they had never heard of God or Jesus before.  But in the Oasis, they learned about Jesus for the first time and both accepted Him as their Savior.  Samantha was eager to share this new found love with Judy, her newest “sister” in her house.

Judy is progressing little by little.  We have celebrated seeing her smile for the first time, voluntarily talking and even a few rare hugs have been given.  She is now enrolled in school.  Judy’s journey to spiritual healing has only begun but Samantha proves that Jesus is still a miracle worker.

*Real names were not used to protect the child