Anghel enrolled into our Denisa Care Center program, located in Romania, this year. He is in 7th grade already, and will be in our program for only two years. Someone may be tempted to say that two years is too short a time to see a real change in his development, but kids never stop surprising us. And that is the case of Anghel.

While school has been challenging, Anghel discovered an unexpected talent in our Denisa Christmas play. He played the character of a beggar and from the first line he proved to be a very talented actor. He received an abundance of praises from teachers, friends, and parents. He felt so significant and valuable. He now smiles all the time and is always the first one to help if he see someone in need of help at the center. No matter what he does later in life, I am sure he will never forget the Christmas where everyone in the village talked about his amazing talent.