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It’s here – the Spring 2019 “ALIVE” newsletter!

In the newest issue of “ALIVE”

read how God is using the principles of trust-based, trauma-informed therapy to help child survivors of traumatic abuse and exploitation. Plus, learn about ways you can support them with choices from the Spring Gift Catalog!

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Jeff has practically lived at Dar El Awlad his whole life. From just over a year old, he has been back and forth between here and his mom’s home. Jeff’s father was never in the picture, and his mom has the kind of job you don’t want your child around to witness.

Over the past year, Jeff’s mom has been working in the Gulf, and we recently got a phone call saying she had been hospitalized after having either a stroke, heart attack, or seizure.  Jeff’s behavior over the past year has really deteriorated. It’s a combination of being a pre-teen (11 years old) and being old enough to realize the significance of his mom’s absence.

You see, even though his mom isn’t the best, she is still his mom, and he loves her very much. Pray for Jeff, that he would focus on his studies and finish the year strong. Most importantly, pray that he would put his trust fully in the LORD, and that he would find positive outlets for the anger and frustration he deals with daily.