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It’s here – the Spring 2019 “ALIVE” newsletter!

In the newest issue of “ALIVE”

read how God is using the principles of trust-based, trauma-informed therapy to help child survivors of traumatic abuse and exploitation. Plus, learn about ways you can support them with choices from the Spring Gift Catalog!

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Ngonde & Mutango’s home before KidsAlive

Living in absolute squalor. Abandoned by their father. Forced to sell charcoal on the streets just to survive. No opportunity to go to school. Hungry, dressed in rags, with no hope for the future.
And, worst of all, Ngonde and Mutungo had a grandfather who was heavily involved in witchcraft, leaving them tormented and afraid.
Thankfully, before it was too late, one of our staff in Zambia found these children. “It broke my heart to see the suffering of these children”, he said. He knew that we had to rescue them immediately – and so they came to live at our Children’s Village.
It wasn’t easy for them at first. Ngonde in particular had been badly scarred by her grandfather’s witchcraft activities, and during worship times at the home she would often begin screaming and yelling. Our staff spent a lot of time praying for her during those early weeks.
Now we have seen real transformation in the lives of these two precious children! The outbursts have ended. Ngonde and Mutungo have a loving new family with lots of ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ to play with. They are doing well in school and are making some great progress. And they love attending church – the joy on their faces as they worship God is a wonderful sight! As a staff member in Zambia shared with us: We are praising God for allowing us to rescue these children, and for saving them from a life of certain destruction!”