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It’s right here – the Spring “ALIVE” newsletter!

It’s right here – the Spring “ALIVE” newsletter!

In the latest issue of “ALIVE”, read about the needs in our Lebanon ministries, news about how YOU can be part of a Service Team, God’s heart of compassion for His people, and opportunities to make a difference by shopping from our Spring Gift Catalog!

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Right now, we face a significant challenge to care for more than 700 girls and boys coming from crisis situations. These include Syrian refugee children in Lebanon; young victims of ethnic warfare in South Sudan; and girls and boys struggling to grow up in urban barrios like Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Saying “no” to these kids is simply not an option.

God has placed us in these difficult, dangerous places where few others are able to serve the children. And you too can be part of what God is doing in the midst of extreme crisis!