Our Romania Field Director, Cami Cismaru, reports:  “It was a great blessing to have Kids Alive International President, Al Lackey, Daniel Lu (Taiwan Field Director) and his wife, Debbi, and Cheeris Kam (Hong Kong Field Director) visit the Kids Alive Romania ministry.  This was the most diverse team of visitors our kids and staff had ever seen!  Our kids learned more about the USA, Taiwan and Hong Kong and even tried to learn some Chinese – they found it fascinating!  Al asked all of our children what they wanted to became when they grow up.  While all younger girls knew right away what they wanted to become, many of the older girls, who are facing exams soon, were not so sure. Al spoke to them afterwards and, while understanding their uncertainty about the future, he encouraged them to DREAM BIG. It was a short but powerful lesson to our children about boldness and courage. Thank you, Al!”