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Kids Alive President, Al Lackey, recently returned from Lebanon where teaching kids about Jesus is very dangerous.

Al receiving wisdom from the boys at Dar El Awlad

We went to the Horizon Care Center and I was really touched by what I saw there. I saw little kids coming in from the Bedouin tribes. Some of those kids are gypsies. They have no identity, no citizenship, and virtually no future. They are what we might have called years ago little “street urchins.” To see the teachers bring these kids in and see where they came from, dirty and undisciplined, unable to sit down, and begin to see them kind of getting into the synch of a structured classroom and care center model was very encouraging. They are learning English – some of them were speaking in English to me. They are learning Math. They are learning Scripture and quoted Scripture to me and how important teaching Jesus is to these kids. We only have these kids for a limited time because the parents pull them out. Our goal and strategy is to really engage those kids and teach them some basic Christian principles, basic Math, and basic life skills as quickly as we can so that no matter where they end up they have been touched by the Lord and have some basic skills that will help them in the future and we turn them over to the Lord to bless them and do all that He can in their lives.

The political situation there is very dangerous because of all the different religious influences. The danger lies in the religious zealots – those who want to make a name for themselves and oppose those teaching the kids about Jesus. There have been a number of people shot and killed because they are teaching kids about Jesus—which is anti-Muslim. I talked to one of our teachers, Jane. She is not fearful of these zealots or really of anything. As I was talking with Jane I asked her, “Don’t you have any fears?” Jane replied, “No. I am not fearful. My husband and I have talked this over and we are so committed to these kids that we will teach them about Jesus. If someone should take my life I’m ready for that to happen if that is God’s will for me.”

It has been a long time since I have talked to someone who is that strong and who went to work daily with the potential of life and death at the back of their mind, knowing that they can and are a target. To hear that was very moving and made me reflect on my belief in Christ – am I that strong that I would say that I am willing that they would take my life if that is the case?

We have wonderful people working for Kids Alive in Lebanon. They are passionate and have the desire to serve the Lord and change children’s lives. In these kids lies the future of a very, very difficult country.

Al Lackey