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It’s right here – the Spring “ALIVE” newsletter!

It’s right here – the Spring “ALIVE” newsletter!

In the latest issue of “ALIVE”, read about the needs in our Lebanon ministries, news about how YOU can be part of a Service Team, God’s heart of compassion for His people, and opportunities to make a difference by shopping from our Spring Gift Catalog!

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Our children come to us with many needs. Some have been orphaned; others have known the pain of abandonment or abuse. Many have experienced terrible poverty and may be suffering from malnutrition or other critical health needs. Please join with us in praying for our kids this week!

Monday June 9th
Thank God for the amazing changes that we see in the lives of so many of the children that we work with! Please pray that each child we care for would reach their full potential and would come to know the transforming power of Jesus in their own lives!

Tuesday June 10th
Pray for our girls in Guatemala, many of whom have experienced terrible abuse. Pray for healing from past hurts – and that they would come to know the fullness of a life in Christ. Pray for Corbey Dukes, our Field Director, and his staff as they care for these wonderful girls.

Wednesday June 11th
HIV and AIDS are a major problem in Kenyan society and many children have been orphaned as a result. Pray for those children we care for that are HIV-positive, that they would know God’s comfort and peace at all times; pray also for our medical staff as they care for these precious boys and girls.

Thursday June 12th
Santo Domingo is a very poor town in the Dominican Republic where poverty, broken families and abuse are rife. We are excited about the school and care center that we are developing – pray that these would be havens of safety and peace for the children that we work with there!

Friday June 13th
Many children in Khartoum, Sudan are homeless and living on the streets. Pray for those that we care for, that they would achieve well in school and have the opportunity for a far better future. Pray for our staff as they continue to experience ongoing harassment from government officials for their Christian faith.

Saturday June 14th
Our ministry in Papua New Guinea serves hundreds of children from several very poor communities. Please pray for the students in our schools there, that each one would reach their full potential educationally and would trust Christ for their futures.

Sunday June 15th
All of the children from our homes around the world will be attending church today. Pray that each would be reminded again that, no matter the pain that they have experienced in their lives, they have a Heavenly Father who loves them and will never leave them!

Thank you for your prayers! For more about our ministry caring for orphans and vulnerable children, visit our website: