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With your help, we’ll finish 2019 strong – but hurry!

It’s been an exciting year …

… watching God bless our vulnerable children through your gifts. If you haven’t yet given a year-end gift, time is running out to get that 2019 tax-deductible receipt, so don’t wait!

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One of the very special aspects of Kids Alive International’s ministry is providing quality residential care to orphans and vulnerable children who simply have nowhere else to go. We do not run typical “orphanages” – far from it! Instead our children have loving homes, with caring house parents, where they can thrive and become all that God intended for them. Join us this week in praying for the amazing kids in our children’s homes – and our dedicated staff who work so hard to meet their needs – all around the world!

Monday, September 22nd:
How about some great news to start this week?! We have just received the funding needed to add a new building to our children’s home in Wau, South Sudan. This means that we will be able to rescue and restore 16 more children who have been living on the streets! Praise God! Please pray for the boys already living in our home (including the three pictured left), that they will get the best possible education and lead successful careers in the future – as well as being amazing witnesses for Christ in this very needy community!

Tuesday, September 23rd:
There are lots of good things happening at our expanding children’s village in Haiti! We are now in the process of constructing two new independence homes for our older children. Pray for the young men and women living in these homes, that they would gain the academic qualifications and life skills needed for when they leave our care during the coming years. Pray that the Lord would be at work in the lives of each of these young people and that they would wholeheartedly commit their futures to Him!

Wednesday, September 24th:
Yet more exciting news – this week we continue the construction of a new dining room, kitchen and additional bedrooms for the children at our children’s home in Mitaboni, Kenya! Pray for the 37 children who now live in this home (some of them are pictured right), along with Titus, the home manager, and his team of committed staff. Pray that God would use the ministry of Kids Alive to do amazing things for His glory in this very needy, rural Kenyan community!

Thursday, September 25th:
In the coming months, we will open a new children’s home in Pucallpa, a remote jungle region in Peru. Our leadership team there is currently searching for capable staff members that can manage this home and care for the children – please pray that the right people would be found for these important roles. Pray also for wisdom as we select children that particularly need help in this extremely poor region, and for new child sponsors to help us provide for these children’s needs as they come to live in this new home.

Friday, September 26th:
Our work in Zambia has grown significantly over the past few years – and it continues to do so! We now have six amazing homes for orphans – and we want to add more. Pray for our leadership team and staff in Zambia as they plan for the future. Pray also for the children in our homes, that they would feel secure and loved, would achieve in school, and become a blessing to others in their communities as they grow up.

Saturday, September 27th:
Our children’s home in Dobrun, Romania, cares for ten beautiful girls, all of whom have been with us since they were babies! Most of them are now in high school, and we praise God that they are doing well. Pray for these young ladies as they continue to grow up, that each one would reach her full potential – and would come to love the Lord and serve Him in their lives!

Sunday, September 28th:
Our prayer is that God would do awesome things through the lives of our children and young people. Our desire is to see them become wonderful witnesses for Him in their workplaces, communities and families in the future! Would you join us today in praying for our kids, that God would draw each one close to Him, that they would experience His love – and that each would commit their lives fully into His hands?

Thank you for your prayers!