Kids Alive is passionate about seeing every girl and boy that we care for reach their full potential. To help accomplish this, we provide quality school programs in some of the communities where we work, not only for our residential children but also for others in the community. Join us this week in praying for our expanding school programs, our committed teachers – and the amazing children that we serve – around the world!

Monday, September 15th:
Amazing fact – our school in Lebanon serves children from TEN different nationalities! We are currently expanding the number of classrooms in the school to su children from the growing population of Syrian refugees. The new school year in Lebanon starts next week. Pray for our teachers as they prepare their classes, and in particular our new Head Teacher, Lydia Breis. Pray that this school would be a haven of peace and security for children that come from very challenging backgrounds!

Tuesday, September 16th:
In Peru, our care center in Manchay, Lima, was recently upgraded to become a full school program. The school serves many desperately poor children and their families in this desert town. Pray for the kids we serve there, that we would be successful in meeting not just their educational needs but also their physical and spiritual needs too. Pray also that our “Moms Helping Moms” program in this community would help many families break the cycle of poverty and have hope for a promising future.

Wednesday, September 17th:
Did you ever have to walk several miles to get to school every day? That is the case for many of the children attending Hall Mead School in Kenya, which serves the community around our Karundas Children’s Home. Praise God that the school has received many accolades for the quality of education it provides; pray for John, our Head Teacher, and his staff team as they meet the needs of the children; pray also for the safety of the children as they journey to school each day and that each would do well with their studies. Pray also for funding needed for the purchase of a school bus that can transport children in from the community every day.

Thursday, September 18th:
We are undergoing a time of big transition in the Dominican Republic, as we are upgrading several of our current care centers into full school programs! This is an exciting initiative – but also challenging! Pray for our leadership and teachers as we continue this process; pray that the new school year would get off to an excellent start; and pray for a special training program that is currently being developed for our teachers!

Friday, September 19th:
Mud huts. Disease and sickness. Food insecurity. Just some of the problems facing the community in Mongu, western Zambia, where we have two school programs. Pray for our leadership and staff as we seek to make a difference in the lives of children and their families in this very difficult situation. Pray that we would develop outstanding relationships with these communities. Pray for the funding needed to develop these programs. And pray that, through our work, the lives of children and their families would be changed by Christ – forever!

Saturday, September 20th:
Getting a good education is absolutely critical in Haiti – one of the poorest countries in the world. Here we are running a school in one impoverished community. We are currently teaching the children in temporary structures – but we are in the process of constructing some permanent classrooms. Pray that this process of construction would go well and for the funding needed; pray for each child that we serve in this ministry, that they would get a great education – and come to know their amazing God for themselves!

Sunday, September 21st:
Why does Kids Alive exist? Because we want to see the power of Jesus at work in the communities where we serve – and in the lives of our children and their families! Pray that our schools and other ministries would be powerful witnesses for him. Pray that many of the children that we work with would come to serve Christ in the lives. And pray that whole communities would be transformed in His name!

Thank you for your prayers! 

Right now, we have thousands of children ready to be enrolled in schools, and educational facilities to be constructed or improved. Can you help secure promising futures for our kids?