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It’s right here – the Spring “ALIVE” newsletter!

It’s right here – the Spring “ALIVE” newsletter!

In the latest issue of “ALIVE”, read about the needs in our Lebanon ministries, news about how YOU can be part of a Service Team, God’s heart of compassion for His people, and opportunities to make a difference by shopping from our Spring Gift Catalog!

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For 66 years, our ministry in Lebanon has been influential in transforming the lives of children-at-risk in this volatile land. Hundreds of young men and women have broken the cycle of poverty and had successful careers as a result of the care we have provided, many of them as witnesses for Christ to their families and communities. Even through the 17-year civil war, our boys’ home, Dar El Awlad, continued and we experienced God’s protection in remarkable ways.

Today, Lebanon continues to face enormous challenges. Refugees escaping the Syrian civil war continue to pour across its borders into the country, stretching available resources to breaking point. And, the danger posed by ISIS not far away is a new threat to the stability of this fragile nation. Please pray with us this week for Lebanon: its people, our ministry and staff, and the amazing children that we serve.

Monday, September 29th:
Our Boys Home, located just outside Beirut, and our Girls Home in the mountains, provide quality care to around 40 vulnerable children that have no other reasonable means of support. Pray for these kids, that they would be motivated to succeed in school, reach their potential, and be able to find suitable employment when they leave our programs. Pray especially that each one would come to know Christ, commit their lives into His hands, and be a light for him to all those around them.

Tuesday, September 30th:
There are an estimated 1.3 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, many of them homeless and suffering. Pray for us as we help some of these refugees through our education programs; ask God for the new teachers we need to help us in this endeavor. Pray also for our partners, especially Heart for Lebanon, working to alleviate the suffering of refugee families that need vital help.

Wednesday, October 1st:
We are so thankful for the vital roles that our missionaries in Lebanon perform in our ministries. Please ask that God would strengthen and protect them and that they would know His peace at all times as they serve Him in Lebanon. Pray for them by name today: Jeremy and Sara Boucher and their children, Thad and Chandler; Kahlil and Maria Pfaff; Rachel Fuller; and Brent and Ruth Hamoud.

Thursday, October 2nd:
Our school provides a quality education to children in the local community, many of whom have no alternative access to schooling. Pray that these children would have real hope for the future, and that this school would be a place of stability and peace where children would learn, not just Arabic, English and math, but also about what God has done for them. Pray for our new Head Teacher, Lydia, and our committed teaching team that serves the children each day.

Friday, October 3rd:
Our care center in south Lebanon is involved in pioneering work among the local gypsy community. Working with these families can be very challenging. Pray for patience and wisdom for our staff, that meaningful relationships would be established with the families, and that the children attending our literacy program would make excellent progress. Pray most of all that, as a result of our witness, people in this community would be drawn to Christ and come to experience His love for them – possibly for the first time in their lives!

Saturday, October 4th:
We are so thankful for our leadership and staff in Lebanon! Please pray for Joseph Ghattas, our Field Director, and his wife, Tricia, and family. Pray that Joseph would know the Lord’s strength and wisdom as he leads the management team. Pray also for Fady and Peggy Khoury and their family; Fady is our residential manager, overseeing the care of the children at our boys’ home. Thank God also for our houseparents and other staff – pray for unity and a real sense of purpose among our team!

Sunday, October 5th:
Today, all of our residential children in Lebanon will be attending church. Pray that God would challenge them today, and that they would experience His love in a fresh way. Pray that these boys and girls would grow up to become godly men and women who love the Lord and serve Him in their lives. Pray also for the non-residential children that attend our school and care center programs, that God would continue to be at work in their hearts – and in the lives of their families too!

Finally, pray for peace in this region of the world, for stability in Lebanon, and for God to continue to protect our important work among orphans and vulnerable children in this needy land!

Thank you for your prayers for Lebanon!