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With your help, we’ll finish 2019 strong – but hurry!

It’s been an exciting year …

… watching God bless our vulnerable children through your gifts. If you haven’t yet given a year-end gift, time is running out to get that 2019 tax-deductible receipt, so don’t wait!

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The needs of children in Kenya are huge. More than one million children across the country are orphans – many as a result of the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS – and there are large numbers of children that have no-one to care for them.  Many children are victims of malnutrition, malaria and dysentery, resulting in a very high child mortality rate. Drought, lack of infrastructure and inadequate supplies of clean water greatly increase suffering. Thousands of families struggle to survive on tiny incomes and many poor children are unable to attend school. These conditions leave thousands of children desperately in need of care and trapped in an ongoing cycle of poverty.

Kids Alive is working in this situation, providing love, care and hope to more than 500 children and their communities through our children’s homes, school, medical center and Families Together programs. We are excited about seeing the lives of Kenyan children changed in Jesus’ name! Some of our graduates – who came to us from a life on the streets – are now at university. Several are now working for us as teachers and accountants. Amazing transformations!

Here are 5 ways that you can pray for our work in Kenya this week:

1. Thank God for each one of our kids! They are fun, engaging, full of life and have lots of potential! Pray for healing for each from the hurts that they have experienced in their lives in the past; for good health and physical growth; and that each would make the most of the opportunities that they now have. Pray for our four children’s homes in Kenya – at Karundas, Lusoi, Nyamarambe and Mitaboni – that each would be havens of God’s love and peace as they minister to more than 200 orphans in their care.

2. Pray that each of our children would have a promising future. Thank God for the work of our school at Karundas and for the positive recognition it has received from local government offices for the quality of education that is provided there. Pray that our school would continue to be part of transforming the lives of children in this needy community. Pray for our children that are in high school, especially as they take their end-of-year exams in a few weeks. Thank God for the young people in university and pray that they would make the most of their God-given talents and opportunities. Pray that kids coming through our programs would provide godly leadership to their families, communities – and their nation – in the future!

3. Pray for hearts to be transformed by the Word of God. Thank Him for the impact that our Bible-teaching and discipleship programs are having in children’s lives. Pray that EVERY child we care for would come to know Christ and serve Him in our lives. Pray for the families that we work with in the community, that we would be good witnesses to them and that they would turn to Christ as a result. And pray also that we would continue to build excellent relationships with local churches and be part of strengthening them.

4. Thank God for our leadership and staff! Pray for Purity, our Field Director and her management team, including Isaac, Ruth and James. Pray also for our home managers: Peter, Titus, Nancy and Gideon, and our school principal, John. Pray that God would give each one wisdom, strength and peace as they make decisions on a daily basis. Pray for our staff, for energy as they care for the children, for unity and good teamwork, and that each staff member would keep their eyes on Him at all times and in every situation.

5. Pray for the resources needed to sustain – and grow – this ministry. Many of our children still need child sponsors – pray that people would come forward to be part of transforming a life through sponsorship. Pray for each of our children’s homes as they develop agricultural activities, that these would help them become more self-sustaining in the future. And pray for the resources needed to improve our existing facilities – and to start new programs, so that we can rescue and restore even more children in this needy land!

Thank you for your prayers for our children in Kenya! If you would like more information please visit our website – – or email us at