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With your help, we’ll finish 2019 strong – but hurry!

It’s been an exciting year …

… watching God bless our vulnerable children through your gifts. If you haven’t yet given a year-end gift, time is running out to get that 2019 tax-deductible receipt, so don’t wait!

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It’s been a difficult year for our ministry in Sudan! Growing anti-Christian activity, led by the government, has created tremendous challenges for our leadership and staff. However, despite the significant upturn in persecution of Christians and churches in Sudan, Kids Alive remains committed to meeting the needs of orphans and vulnerable children here for as long as we are able to do so!
Our residential program has provided for the needs of more than 20 former street children aged between five and eighteen years of age, over the past year. These boys have been living on the streets and desperately need to experience love and security as well as have their physical needs met. The children are cared for by a team of committed staff. In addition, other non-residential children in our program are provided with help with school fees, uniforms and books, and regular follow-up help from our staff.

Some of the things that we are thankful for in 2014 include…

Good academic progress from the children. All of the children are committed to academic success, which they see as the means to escape from a life on the streets in the future. The overall academic progress of the children was above average, and many got very good examination results.

Development of other educational activities, in particular sports, drawing and painting, learning English and computer literacy. The goal is to help these young people identify their individual talents and abilities and provide them with skills that will give them an edge in the job market in the future.

Growth in the children’s spiritual development. The home is committed to showing the love of Christ to the children it serves.  This love is expressed primarily through mentoring and discipling them, and direction given from caregivers and teachers. Each child has a personal mentor to guide them in their spiritual walk with the Lord.  The children attend church and Sunday School every week as well as having regular Bible studies. Some take part in church youth, drama and singing groups. An annual special spiritual conference is held, and this is well-received.

Development of our staff, focused on ongoing training, program planning and review, and spiritual development; this includes a monthly day of prayer and fasting for the children and the ministry.

Meet one of our children…

“My name is Hassan and I am 12 years old. I came to the home in 2010 and I started my education here in Grade Two. I got excellent marks in my final examination and went on to Grade Four directly from Grade Two! I have had four years in this home and I’m now in Grade Six. I like my school a lot because I have learned how to read , write and speak well. The home is my favorite place to live as I learned many good values, I have now got good health and have met friendly people. I also learned to play soccer! At this time we’re preparing for our Christmas celebration and we have some new praise songs to sing. I thank  the Lord for this place.”

Our home manager says:

“We offer former street children the opportunity to grow up to be healthy and with the strength to cope with the challenges that they may encounter during their lives.

Thank you for your support and prayers as we accomplish this. We thank God for your partnership with us!”