Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer, May 5, 2015 - Kids Alive International : Kids Alive International

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Praise God that we are now serving 1,700 children in 10 ministry programs in the Dominican Republic! Pray for the young people in our homes that will be making the transition to life in their communities during the coming year. We need new house parents for our homes in Constanza and Monte Plata – please pray that the right people would apply. Pray also for our school programs in the Dominican Republic, that they would provide a quality education and shine the light of Christ in the communities where we serve.

GUATEMALA: Praise God for the healing that we have seen in the lives of girls in the Oasis – and for those that have recently accepted Christ. Pray for the new girls that have arrived recently or will arrive soon – along with the 37 criminal cases that we are currently working on. Pray for funds needed for new vans; pray also for our school ministry in the village of Zapote, that this would be a source of peace and light in the midst of poverty and violence.

HAITI: Praise God for the construction of new homes and at our school site in the past year. Pray that our children would work to achieve a high standard in school and continue growing spiritually. Pray for opportunities to serve even more children-at-risk in Haiti in the future!

PERU: Praise God for our team of missionaries and national staff and their commitment to the ministry, and continue to pray for unity among this team. Pray for the new Orchard Children’s Home that will soon open in Pucallpa, for new house parents needed and for wise decisions to be made as children are selected. Thank God for the new director and school principal at the Manchay Oasis and pray for new teachers that are needed for this ministry.

KENYA: Thank God for the completion of the new dining room and kitchen in Mitaboni, for the quality leadership we now have in many of our ministries, and for the young people supported through university in our advanced education program! Pray for our leadership team and staff as they continue to lead the ministry forward, and for the funding needed to maintain and grow this important ministry.

ZAMBIA: Thank God that many of our children are achieving in school and recognize the opportunities that they have through Kids Alive Zambia. Praise God also for the expansion of our new Children’s Village in Lusaka. Pray that this growth would be maintained, that we would provide excellent care, and that children would grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Lord and commit their lives fully to Him!

SUDAN and SOUTH SUDAN: Praise God for His protection of our children in Sudan and South Sudan! Thank God that our new home in Wau is almost complete, and that lives are being transformed through this ministry. Continue to pray for peace and God’s hand upon our work, for our staff as they work in challenging circumstances, and for our children to reach their full potential and come to love and serve Christ with their lives!

LEBANON: Thank God we still have the opportunity to minister to people and share the Gospel freely in Lebanon. Pray for peacein this land and that our ministry will not be hindered by conflict. Pray that our children would continue to grow spiritually, and that our staff would have strength each day to reflect God’s love. Pray for new house parents needed in our boys’ home, for a permanent water supplyto our main campus, and for the renewal of residency papers for our missionaries. Thank God that our new program with refugee children (including those pictured above) is going well and pray for the resources to allow us to expand this.

ROMANIA: Praise God for the good health and growth of our girls – we are thankful that several are among the top students in their school! Pray for them as we help guide them in their future careers. We thank God that the Denisa Care Center is able to help many children from the village with their education and share God’s love with them – pray that this would continue! Pray for one of our house mothers, Jenny, who is experiencing some health issues.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Thank God for opportunities we have to provide education, medical care and Bible teaching to many villages, for committed teachers and staff, and for the children and their families that have come to know Christ. Pray for the funding needed to cover our fuel costsand to purchase new water tanks, and for the safety, protection and good health for staff as they travel to remote areas.

TAIWAN and CHINA: Praise God that our ministry in Taiwan continues to grow and improve, with the purchase of new land and many commendations received from the government. Pray for our continued fundraising and expansion efforts! Thank God for those that have come to Christ through the annual medical trips into China and pray that God would continue to work through this outreach.

HONG KONG and MYANMAR: Praise God for his financial provision for our Hong Kong ministry, and the commendations received from the government! Pray that we would be successful in helping the 80 children that come to us from mainland China each day, and also for several of our staff who have medical issues. Thank God for our ministry in Myanmar; pray particularly that the Mercy Home is able to find a permanent facility soon.

Thank you for your prayers!