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There’s still time for your gift to make twice the impact before Dec. 31!

Every day, at each one of our sites, we are discovering precious kids just waiting to be rescued. Any gift you give before Dec. 31 will be matched and will make twice the difference for a child, instantly doubling in impact!
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Your gift today goes TWICE AS FAR to help vulnerable kids in Haiti!


See below for a brief video message from Robenson

Thank you for being a critical member of our team as we minister to hopeless and voiceless children in Haiti. Your investment is making both earthly and eternal differences!

2016 has been an exciting year for Kids Alive Haiti, and I deeply appreciate your generous support for our work here. As we near the year’s end, we are still facing great needs, but I remain convinced that no need is beyond our great God and the resources He commands.

That’s why it’s the right time and the right place to give with double the impact.

Thanks to a donor who shares your commitment to our kids in Haiti and our other countries, every dollar you give before December 31 will be matched, up to a maximum of $500,000.

Your gift today will go twice as far with twice the lasting impact – just let us know below how you’d like it used.

Robenson Gedeus
Field Director, Kids Alive Haiti

Please click here for a brief personal message from Robenson


For use in Haiti wherever the need is greatest!


For the care of children whose needs are not currently met through sponsorship, including tuition and supplies for our kids moving to secondary school ($34,600)


For desks, chairs, and shelving for kids in our school ($28,600 needed)

You can make a difference

Give now and your gift Doubles!
It's your only chance this year to have your gift doubled and make twice the impact in kids' lives. Every gift received by December 31 will be matched dollar for dollar - up to $500,000!