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IMG_1348Stanley chatters non-stop to me in Creole as he shows me around the tiny mud hut that he calls “home.” At first, I don’t understand a word he’s saying, but that doesn’t seem to bother him as he shows me his bed and explains to me, through a variety of hand and facial gestures, that he gets wet when rain seeps its way through the numerous cracks in the tin roof. There are virtually no furnishings in the hut, and running water and electricity are just a distant dream. Having lost both of their parents, Stanley and his sister live with their aging grandmother, who struggles to meet even their most basic needs. This family is clearly no stranger to hunger or sickness. “Pray for us,” the elder lady implores me.

Stanley’s face beams as he talks about attending the nearby school operated by Kids Alive Haiti. Now, through a missionary interpreter, he tells me that he enjoys mathematics and science, and that he loves playing sports, particularly football. But, in his opinion, the best thing about school is the hot, nutritious meal that he receives – sometimes the only food that he gets to eat each day. Despite his home situation, Stanley is now able to dream of a better life, a promising future in which poverty, squalor, and deprivation play no part.

Stanley’s family is just one of many living in similar circumstances in this poor, broken Haitian community. The suffering is heartbreaking to see. Yet it is so evident to me how Kids Alive’s staff and missionaries are shining Christ’s love into this darkness, bringing comfort, healing, and hope.

IMG_1341And our vision is to do even more. A new school building is in the process of being constructed for this community, a facility that, once completed, can provide a vital education, physical care, and – most importantly – the Word of God to as many as 300 orphaned and vulnerable children.

IMG_1354Please pray with me for Stanley, his sister and grandmother.

Pray for real transformation in this community, for the funding that we need to complete the new school building, and for more child sponsors to partner with us in caring for these beautiful children – young ones who have so much potential if they are just given the opportunity to flourish and grow.