We live in an increasingly fragile and unstable world. According to the UN, almost 93 million people in 33 countries will need humanitarian aid this year. The number of refugees globally now stands at its highest level ever. Trafficking, abuse, poverty, disease, and hunger remain constant threats to so many vulnerable people across the globe.

In 2017, Kids Alive will be there, working in some of the darkest places of the world – to follow Jesus, offer excellent care and support, and share eternal hope with vulnerable children and their families.

We remain committed to serving in South Sudan, now ranked as one of the world’s poorest and most dangerous countries following a brutal three-year civil war. Our focus remains rescuing young children from abuse, hunger – and possible death – on the dangerous streets of Wau. In addition, our community program will provide education and optimism to many children living in abject poverty in the local community.

We will continue to share the love of Christ in Haiti, one of the poorest and least stable countries in the world. Our children’s village will support young people towards healthy, independent, Christ-focused lives. In addition, our new school, currently under construction, will open a world of new opportunities for children in the community.

Pictures of the ongoing conflict and suffering in Syria shocked us all in 2016. Refugees have poured into neighboring Lebanon, leaving homes, families and livelihoods behind. This year we will further expand our refugee care program in Lebanon, meeting the physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs of young ones whose lives have been devastated by violence and despair.

We strongly rely on your prayers as we work in these and many other difficult places. We are committed to rescuing orphans and vulnerable children from abuse and exploitation, freeing them from hunger, and offering them the safety of loving homes and families.

Will you pray with us in 2017?