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GIVE NOW for DOUBLE the COVID-19 relief!

Your gift will be DOUBLED to bring maximum relief and aid to suffering children and families.

In each of the countries where Kids Alive serves, children and families have been deeply impacted by economic downturns and unrest caused by the global pandemic. One of our generous donors has offered to match your relief gift dollar-for-dollar, bringing food, hygiene supplies, and the love of Jesus to hurting kids.


There are so many children in Dominican Republic who come from tragic circumstances and never find hope and help. Camila’s* story could have ended this way, and yet God intervened. Growing up in a troubled household, she was one of ten siblings who have the same mother but several different fathers. Her own father is in prison and her mother seems incapable of caring for the children physically or emotionally. No one in the family can read or write, and education for the children was not a priority.

Despite her past and the obstacles she faced, Camila has shown us what can happen when a child knows that someone cares. She is a determined learner, attentive to her studies, and faithfully attends school every day. Education is a critical part of ending cycles of poverty and violence, and we are thankful that she now has a chance at a brighter future. And now that she is hearing daily about the love of Jesus, we pray that Camila will be used by Him to take the good news back to her family.

*name changed to protect privacy