“How do I know that Kids Alive’s work really makes a difference?”

This was the question I was asked recently by one of our faithful, committed child sponsors. And it is an important question! Every person who supports Kids Alive’s work has the right to know how their gifts are being used to ensure long-term transformation in the lives of vulnerable children, their families and communities.

This is the same question that we have been asking ourselves, too – and so we have been gathering data from our children’s homes, schools and care centers in different countries around the world to explore the impact our work is having.

The results are striking.

In Dominican Republic, for example, we have found that our students are twice as likely to complete high school than their peers in the local community – and are almost five times more likely to make a profession of faith in Christ and be baptized.

Our ministry in Guatemala has baptized 55 girls in the past three years – and every single Kids Alive student in the country completes middle school, compared to the national average of less than 20 percent.

Almost all our children in Kenya complete high school, compared to just 40 percent nationally, and almost one in five of our students then goes on to obtain a university degree.

Comparing the academic attainment of children attending the Denisa Care Center in Romania with other children in the community demonstrates that our kids average better exam grades, and are more likely to complete high school and go on to study in advanced education programs.

But while these statistics are good news, we never forget that our work is about individual children who are made in God’s image and loved passionately by Him.

Children like Susan, from Guatemala, who survived many years of sexual assault within her family. When Susan became pregnant, the family beat her stomach until they killed the baby and forced an abortion. The resulting injuries led another family member, who was unaware of the assaults, to take her to a local hospital. There the medical staff notified authorities and Susan was rescued by our Oasis ministry.

Understandably, Susan has had deep traumas to resolve, yet she is a sweet child who has started her long journey towards healing. She is a diligent student and her school grades have steadily improved. Most importantly, Susan has accepted Christ as her Savior. It was belief in His truth that allowed her to testify in court about the horrors she has experienced, and we are now working with the judge to find a long-term solution for Susan and ensure that she experiences the love and hope that every child deserves.

Thank you for your prayers and support for our work.

It makes a difference, in the lives of children like Susan and thousands of other orphaned, abandoned, and abused children around the world!