In the midst of struggle, hardship, and persecution, God is at work - Kids Alive International : Kids Alive International

It has been a difficult few months for Kids Alive’s ministry in Sudan.

Public demonstrations on the streets of the city quickly turned violent, threatening the safety of our children and staff on a daily basis. Rising costs of food and other basic supplies have created significant challenges for our Sudanese leadership as they have cared for the kids. And continued antagonism by the Sudanese government towards Christians continues to be an ongoing pressure point, not just for our ministry but for many other organizations and churches.

Yet, there is hope. In the midst of struggle, hardship, and persecution, God is at work. And 18-year-old Joseph is one real-life example of this. Rescued from a life of hunger, abuse, and squalor on the streets of Khartoum, Joseph soon began to thrive in our program as he responded to the love, concern, and support he received from his caregivers.

“I had nothing when I came here. Nothing. No hope for my life,” he told me. “Yet now I have now finished high school and I will soon be going to university. It’s all because of God. He has provided for me through Kids Alive. I now know I have a future and I want to use it to serve Him.”

Joseph invests some of his time in helping and encouraging the younger children in the Boys’ Hope Center. During my visit, I find them all busy taking a computer class, yet they are keen to stop and talk. An animated and joyful conversation ensues as we discuss their school schedules, life in the home, and their favorite English soccer teams! We conclude with a very special time of worship and prayer together and I remind them that, despite the challenges that they face in life, they are loved by God, they are incredibly precious in His sight, and that He has a wonderful plan for their lives.

Please pray for these boys, that they would continue to flourish and become all that God intends for them. Pray for our staff team, as they care for these children under intensely challenging circumstances. And pray for Christians and churches in Sudan, that they would truly be a light shining in the darkness across this land.