“More than ever this year, I am grateful to God for allowing me to study here at Oasis. I have all my school supplies – backpack and uniform as well as teachers who are helping me learn new things. I never wanted to study before, but now that I am in school, I want to learn more. I want to become a lawyer.” – Amelia, 15

New Year starts with a new school year here in Guatemala. Our residential program school resumed in January with a new educational coordinator and additional teachers to enhance the onsite teaching program.

We are delighted to have Xiomara Monroy as our new Education Coordinator. A certified early childhood development psychologist, she is also an experienced administrator. Her presence raises the support for trauma-informed care for the girls in our Oasis and La Arquilla programs.

Due to the challenges posed by the pandemic, we have decided that all students will study on our Oasis campus. To support this initiative, the Guatemalan education department stepped forward to assign four teachers – one for special education, two for middle, and one for primary school.

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