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We’re almost there!

Join hands with our kids and our Spring Match donors to put every single dollar to work!

In each of the countries where Kids Alive serves, children and families have been deeply impacted by economic downturns and unrest during the global pandemic. Generous donors have offered to match your relief gift dollar-for-dollar, bringing food, hygiene supplies, and the love of Jesus to hurting kids.

And your gift can be the one that puts us over the top!

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Author:Sanjay Sojwal

Putting Marcela on track to nursing

06/30/20 By:

  Graduating from the 9th grade at the top of her class last year put Marcela* closer to realizing her …

God’s faithfulness in changing times

06/30/20 By:

A note from the Kids Alive Guatemala Director of Residential Programs… Today my heart is so grateful to God for …

Pizzas, pools, and picnics at the Ark

06/29/20 By:

The Ark is an oasis for at-risk children and youth, and even more so during this pandemic. The children have …

Creative compassion at Constanza

06/29/20 By:

Constanza School is one of our most innovative, and is finding ways to help during COVID-19 – with great thanks …

CMP – a refuge in the storm

06/29/20 By:

Casa Monte Plata (CMP) is a refuge during this difficult time of COVID-19. Though the children and youth here are quarantined, …

Food for bodies, minds, and hearts

06/29/20 By:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Palo Blanco School’s light is shining ever more brightly! The school is providing relief packages of …

Getting kids “mask-ready”

06/29/20 By:

Around 80% of families of students at Eva Russell School have been left without an income as a result of …

Caraballo families receive life-giving food

06/29/20 By:

Over 90% of the families in this remote, impoverished, racially charged area are unemployed and without an income. One of …

Feeding bodies, nourishing minds

06/29/20 By:

Santo Domingo East School continues to subsidize children’s nutrition through relief food to 87 families who are part of our …

Ark youth stand in the gap

06/29/20 By:

The Ark is a refuge for at-risk children and youth, and even more so during this pandemic. Our kids have …

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