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Our first “ALIVE” newsletter of 2020 has just gone live!

In this edition, read about how our victories in trauma care are being shared with our ministries around the world.

You’ll also see our “Three R’s” illustrated in the precious story of a girl becoming victorious after harrowing exploitation, inspiring us for a new decade of care for vulnerable children!

Welcome to the Kids Alive blog!

Category:At-Risk Kids

Fun, Games, and Family Time

02/18/20 By:

Medical Team Visit Brings Healthcare to Children

01/28/20 By:

A visiting medical team provide students of Ark Constanza with health checkups, growth monitoring, follow up and treatment to ensure …

Teachers as Positive Adult Role Models for Students

01/28/20 By:

Kids Alive’s dedicated teachers not only educate children but also serve as adult Christian role models for the children to …

Glimpses of Joy!

12/19/19 By:

Here are some photos of children having fun during their school recess as well as teachers posing for photos with …


Brisa’s Story, and an Album of Celebrations!

11/22/19 By:

Brisa’s* childhood came to an abrupt end the day she discovered her father’s body, lying lifeless and cold. And before …

Celebrations – A Teacher Counts Her Blessings, Our Kids Celebrate Children’s Day!

11/22/19 By:

Teacher Counts Her Blessings!   This was Glancy’s first year teaching at Source of Hope. Previously she worked at a convenience …

Survivors to Thrivers!

10/29/19 By:

At Casa Ester these young survivors get a second chance at life. The quiet surroundings, sustained abuse and trauma counseling, …

New Beginnings- Back to School, New Mentors, and Even Guardians!

10/29/19 By:

After summer vacation, school starts with hope and new beginnings. Young students exuberantly regale their friends with their vacation adventures; …

Liliana, “God’s Work of Art”

10/29/19 By:

Liliana* grew up in a seemingly “healthy” family, but she held a dark and painful secret. One day Liliana began …

Smiles – Reflecting Back God’s Love

09/05/19 By:

Kids Alive strives to make every site a place where children can experience love, joy, and friendships, laying a foundation …

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