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Chores, Rest, and Recreation!

02/18/20 By:

Sports Provide Fun and Teach Teamwork

02/18/20 By:

Medical Team Visit Brings Healthcare to Children

01/28/20 By:

A visiting medical team provide students of Ark Constanza with health checkups, growth monitoring, follow up and treatment to ensure …

Teachers as Positive Adult Role Models for Students

01/28/20 By:

Kids Alive’s dedicated teachers not only educate children but also serve as adult Christian role models for the children to …

Teacher’s Retreat Affirms Their Contribution

01/28/20 By:

Teachers Not Only Teach But Model Jesus’ Love Our teachers have a far higher calling than just teaching, they also …


Brisa’s Story, and an Album of Celebrations!

11/22/19 By:

Brisa’s* childhood came to an abrupt end the day she discovered her father’s body, lying lifeless and cold. And before …

Celebrations – A Teacher Counts Her Blessings, Our Kids Celebrate Children’s Day!

11/22/19 By:

Teacher Counts Her Blessings!   This was Glancy’s first year teaching at Source of Hope. Previously she worked at a convenience …

New Beginnings- Back to School, New Mentors, and Even Guardians!

10/29/19 By:

After summer vacation, school starts with hope and new beginnings. Young students exuberantly regale their friends with their vacation adventures; …

Meet Alexandra Ortiz, Park School Psychologist

10/02/19 By:

Behind every successful Kids Alive program is a dedicated staff member committed to serving children. Many children in our programs …

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