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Children Get Ready for Christmas Celebrations

12/12/19 By:

Children and teachers prepping for Christmas celebrations last year.  

Songs, Dances, and Skits Celebrate Jesus’ Birth

12/12/19 By:

Kindergartners to high schoolers entertain their parents with stage performances to celebrate Jesus’ birth in last year’s Christmas pageantry.

Celebrating “Los Tres Reyes Magos” or “The Three Kings Day”

12/12/19 By:

Christmas is celebrated with much gusto at Santo Domingo North School. While some Dominicans frown on the early start of …

Sports, Education, and Nutritious Meals Lay a Strong Foundation for Children’s Overall Growth

12/12/19 By:

Our children come from densely populated city barrios, so a field, even a small one, is a source of delight …

Park’s Christmas and Kings Day Celebrations from Last Year!

12/12/19 By:

Christmas is celebrated with much gusto at Park School! Celebrations start in December and go on till January 6, culminating …

Kids and Staff Celebrate ‘El Major Regalo’ or ‘The Best Gift!’

12/12/19 By:

Students at ANIJA celebrate “El Major Regalo” or “The Best Gift” at their local church Christmas celebrations. Some of the …

Casa Monte Plata’s Christmas Celebrations from 2018

12/12/19 By:

Casa Monte Plata celebrates Christmas with a special dinner. Everyone dresses up in their best clothes and looks forward to …

Christmas Celebrations at the “Ark” Focus on Jesus’ Birth and Families

12/12/19 By:

Christmas celebrations are held on Christmas Eve, when children and their families join in celebrations with a feast, worship, dancing, …

Culture Day Celebrated with a Lunch, Songs and Dances

11/25/19 By:

Students and teachers at Eva Russell School celebrated Culture Day, complete with customary festivities of sweet treats and historical reenactments …


Brisa’s Story, and an Album of Celebrations!

11/22/19 By:

Brisa’s* childhood came to an abrupt end the day she discovered her father’s body, lying lifeless and cold. And before …

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