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Our first “ALIVE” newsletter of 2020 has just gone live!

In this edition, read about how our victories in trauma care are being shared with our ministries around the world.

You’ll also see our “Three R’s” illustrated in the precious story of a girl becoming victorious after harrowing exploitation, inspiring us for a new decade of care for vulnerable children!

Welcome to the Kids Alive blog!

Category:Children's Homes

Casa Ester Girls Blessing Others!

02/19/20 By:

Fun, Games, and Family Time

02/18/20 By:

Chores, Rest, and Recreation!

02/18/20 By:

Baptisms, Bible Studies and Ice Creams!

01/28/20 By:

A baptism at Oasis is a special event that brings our girls, young women, and their children together to celebrate …

Rare Moment – Chilling Together

11/22/19 By:

On most days, enthusiasm is manifested in the joy, cheerfulness, and high-octane energy in the classroom and on the field …

New Beginnings- Back to School, New Mentors, and Even Guardians!

10/29/19 By:

After summer vacation, school starts with hope and new beginnings. Young students exuberantly regale their friends with their vacation adventures; …

An Idyllic Setting for Children to Thrive

08/29/19 By:

Located on the side of a terraced hill and surrounded by lush tropical greenery, Ark Jarabacoa provides children a soothing …

Kids Having Fun Together!

07/01/19 By:

Coming from poor neighborhoods children have little space to hang out to with each other in their small tin-roofed homes. …

Casa Monte Plata

Sarah – Fruit of Hope

05/29/19 By:

Sarah* and her brother Daniel* were among the first kids to enter Casa Monte Plata when it opened over 12 …

2015 FD Reports - DR ANIJA

Diana – The Fruit of Hope

05/29/19 By:

Twelve-year-old Diana* is the oldest child in her family and takes on a lot of responsibility for running the house, …

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