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Expressive art therapy brings healing 

06/18/21 By:

“I enjoyed the sessions. I was able to talk about things that I can’t with anyone else, not even my …

“Breaking” Free!

05/20/21 By:

“Spring Break” took on extra meaning for all three Kids Alive residential programs this year. For some children and youth …

“Back to school” – in April?

05/07/21 By:

The phrase “Back to School” predictably rings across North America every fall as kids return to start their new academic …

Providing education to kids in hard places

04/06/21 By:

As a new student to Kids Alive’s Source of Hope School, 10-year-old Susana’s schooling experience is very different from her …

Trauma-informed care and onsite education boosted   

02/08/21 By:

The New Year starts with a new school year here in Guatemala. Our residential program school resumed in January with …

Trauma-informed care and onsite education boosted   

02/08/21 By:

“More than ever this year, I am grateful to God for allowing me to study here at Oasis. I have …

Teachers innovate and adapt to remote teaching  

02/08/21 By:

While the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted children’s education considerably, it has also impacted teachers who have had to adapt to …

Quality education yields superior school results

02/08/21 By:

We provide a quality education that allows our students to achieve superior results in sharp contrast to public schools. Kids Alive is always concerned for its employees and orients them to glorify God along with the provision of quality education.

Transformational work at Casa Monte Plata

02/08/21 By:

I like to see children’s lives change as a result of the transformational work that God does in their lives.

Involved parents improve their child’s schooling success

02/08/21 By:

I like to watch the kids grow up and be transformed. I also like to be used by God to change people’s lives and restore families.

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