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Seeing Christ reflected in the eyes of the children

02/08/21 By:

I love to bond with children and their families. I like helping teachers develop spiritually and in teaching practices. I am overjoyed to see a child succeed academically and accept Christ as their Savior.

Pandemic has improved parents’ involvement in their children’s studies

02/08/21 By:

We have always had trouble in meeting and collaborating with students’ parents, but the pandemic changed that, and now we are working closely together to help their children.

A bridge between children and the resources they need

02/08/21 By:

I enjoy making connections with people, opportunities to grow and serve the Lord through a ministry that allows me to be a bridge between the needs of children and resources.

ANIJA teachers – the hands and feet of Jesus in the community

02/08/21 By:

I love to help our teachers do their best in teaching, generate ideas for children’s activities, problem-solve for those who need help, and organize systems that support the vision to integrate trauma care into our work.

Drawing inspiration and strength from Mary’s obedience

01/18/21 By:

A Note from the Regional Director of Latin America…  Dear friends, Thank you so much for taking the time for welcoming me as the …

Dinner, games, and skit competitions to mark Christmas celebrations 

12/17/20 By:

“Noche Buena” or Christmas Eve, marks the traditional Christmas celebration in Guatemala, which is similar to traditions across Latin America. …

Branded keychain charm added to Casa Ester’s product line

12/17/20 By:

Our young women at Casa Ester have successfully honed their artisanal soap and shoe-bag making skills and have launched their products in high-end boutique stores. …

Immanuel – “God is with us” celebrated despite pandemic

12/03/20 By:

Immanuel – “God is with us” celebrated despite pandemic In the US, most Christmas celebrations are generally concentrated into one …

What Jesus can do in the heart of a child is a miracle!

11/19/20 By:

A Final Reflection… I am writing this at 30,000 plus feet over Mexico with my wife Janie and a very …

Placing All Hope in Him – Spiritual Lessons from the Pandemic

11/18/20 By:

Placing All Hope in Him – Spiritual Lessons from the Pandemic Around five years ago the Dominican immigration patrols in …

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