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Evan’s Choice: Become A Teacher or a Businessperson?

09/27/19 By:

Evan* is conflicted, and it’s over a serious issue. After all, it concerns his future when he grows up. But …

Vacation Was a Blast, But So Is Return To School!

09/24/19 By:

While summer vacation was a blast, kids enjoyed being back in school! “The first day of class, a place where …

Smiles – Reflecting Back God’s Love

09/05/19 By:

Kids Alive strives to make every site a place where children can experience love, joy, and friendships, laying a foundation …

Smiles at Source of Hope

08/29/19 By:

Another day to celebrate friendships with smiles at Source of Hope!

A Happy Bunch!

06/28/19 By:

The smiles and bonds of friendship celebrate the joy which comes from deep within. At ANIJA everyone involved is committed …

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