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Children’s resilience affirms God’s presence

10/20/20 By:

As the school year draws to an end in Zapote, it is worth noting that this has been far from a …

Gang graffiti to God-glorifying art

07/15/20 By:

  Four years ago, several girls arrived at the Oasis. Each carried their own pain, but Natalia* was particularly hardened. …

Eva Russell, sanctuary in good times and bad

07/15/20 By:

For over 30 years, Eva Russell School has been a sanctuary for at-risk youth, ministering to their physical, mental, and spiritual …

Creative compassion at Constanza

06/29/20 By:

Constanza School is one of our most innovative, and is finding ways to help during COVID-19 – with great thanks …

CMP – a refuge in the storm

06/29/20 By:

Casa Monte Plata (CMP) is a refuge during this difficult time of COVID-19. Though the children and youth here are quarantined, …

Feeding bodies, nourishing minds

06/29/20 By:

Santo Domingo East School continues to subsidize children’s nutrition through relief food to 87 families who are part of our …

test – Dan

test – Dan

06/26/20 By:

Kids Alive COVID-19 response for our schools and care centers

04/22/20 By:

SCHOOLS Kids Alive is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring that our students stay on track and engaged in …

Back to School after Christmas Recess!

02/19/20 By:

Sports Provide Fun and Teach Teamwork

02/18/20 By:

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