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Spring signals warmth, new life – and hope for a fresh start!

Creation wakes up to new life after a season of waiting…and vulnerable children are longing for a fresh start, too. Choose a life-giving gift from our 2018 Kids Alive Spring Gift Catalog and welcome a new season of hope!

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Connect with your child this Christmas!

Yes! I want to share the light of Christmas by including my child or children in a joyful celebration this year!

Click here to share a special “Treat Fund” gift and deliver Christmas smiles! Your gift will help provide your sponsored child with an individual Christmas gift and a festive holiday celebration in their classroom or family-style home.

And here’s another way to delight your child: send a beautiful Christmas ornament that he or she can assemble and hang on their tree, bunk bed, or some other location to enjoy. Use the form below to write a short personal message… it will be translated, included with the ornament, and delivered by Christmas — if you hurry!

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Thank you for taking an interest in your child’s life. They will certainly enjoy hearing from you this Christmas!

You can make a difference