Your opportunity to share gifts that bring hope, healing, home, and independence for struggling kids and families!

The Bible is full of stories of people on a journey and the lessons learned along the way. As Christians we are accustomed to thinking about our spiritual life as a journey - the challenges and crises we face, the places where God meets us to provide for our needs and draws us closer, the times God calls us to join His work, binding up the wounds of those we meet along the way, proclaiming the Gospel to a world in need.

This is so true of the children we serve at Kids Alive. Each is on a journey and for most, it's a tough one. For some, the road leads through poverty and hardship, some lose parents and loved ones, others have become victims of abuse or neglect, and some are traumatized by the consequences of war and political unrest. Our calling is to come alongside, to join in the journey these precious ones are on, and support them as we set their feet firmly on a path to wholeness.

Our mission is to achieve four common goals for children:
Hope: That they enjoy a vibrant, life-changing relationship with God
Healing: That they will experience emotional and physical well-being
Home: That they will live life in a family and community free of fear and violence
Independence: That they will be equipped ultimately for a life of independence and service

The journey out of crisis is an uneven road. We can't turn our eyes from the harsh realities - we need to move through recovery into new life. What a joy it is to see God work this miracle in the lives of children and families every day - and YOU have a hand in this amazing work!

This catalog contains items the children in our care need for their journey: support, counseling, nutrition, education and most of all, an introduction to Jesus, the Hope for all our journeys. We invite you to help equip the children of Kids Alive by selecting gifts from this catalog that most speak to you, and while you are at it, why not share it with friends or family members who might also like to give a special spring gift to a child in need.

We all have our role to play, and your support is integral to the plan God has for Kids Alive and the children we serve.

God's Peace,


Corbey Dukes, President

Our Most Popular Gifts

Goats and Chickens

Goat + Chicken Combo




Spring of Life Kit

Warm Blankets

Warm Blankets


Mosquito Bed Nets


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How Your Gifts Are Used


75.4%  Program Services for Children

12.4%  Management and General

12.2%  Fundraising and Promotion

Some organizations use their catalog items as “representative” gifts and the funds are pooled and spent more generally. But when you choose gifts through the Kids Alive Gift Catalog, your actual gift choices are allocated to the appropriate countries to meet specific needs identified in the catalog.

In the unlikely event that a gift you’ve designated is over-funded (or can no longer be carried out), your gift will be applied by Kids Alive International where needed most.

Gifts may not be designated for a particular child or site (unless that site is specifically mentioned in the gift description).