Thank you for supporting KAI’s work in rescuing orphans and vulnerable children!


One of the best ways to help at-risk children is to help their communities. And one of the best ways to help communities is through donation.


Your gift to one of the countries where Kids Alive works will help us meet needs specific to the communities in that country. This, in turn, improves the lives of the children we rescue and care for and provides hope for a brighter future.

Your gift, depending on the needs in the different communities we serve, can help provide:

  • Medical clinics and care
  • Mosquito netting to combat the spread of malaria
  • Filters to keep water clean and safe
  • Community centers
  • School construction and educational activities
  • Care for unsponsored children
  • HIV/AIDS prevention

Join us in strengthening families and communities in ways that ensure girls and boys have healthy places to grow and thrive.

Choose a country to help!



Despite being one of the most modern countries in Africa, Kenya is home to many children who are vulnerable to hunger, disease, exploitation, and lack of adequate medical care and education.

Donate to Kids Alive communities in Kenya


Ravaged by years of civil war, poverty, and religious persecution, Sudan is one of the most politically and economically unstable countries in the world. We’re reaching Sudan’s street children with medical care, nutritional support, and hope in Christ.

Donate to Kids Alive communities in Sudan


South Sudan

Many children in South Sudan turn to the streets to survive and become the victims of unspeakable abuse, but we’re rescuing and ministering to these boys and girls through basic medical care and the love of Christ.

Donate to Kids Alive communities in South Sudan


Millions of children in Zambia, a country ravaged by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, have been left orphaned by the disease. Devastating economic hardship and crippling child mortality give urgency to our work with orphans and other children left vulnerable to hunger and exploitation.

Donate to Kids Alive communities in Zambia



Lebanon has been devastated by war and violence and overwhelmed by refugees. Children here are at risk of forced marriages, hunger, and illiteracy, but we’re rescuing children and providing food, homes, education, and the love of Christ.

Donate to Kids Alive communities in Lebanon


Romania struggles with the legacy of abandoned children, forced child prostitution and labor, and severe poverty. Kids Alive provides loving homes, spiritual guidance, and training in citizenship as children prepare to become leaders in their communities.

Donate to Kids Alive communities in Romania


Dominican Republic

The people who live in the Dominican Republic are some of the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. Kids Alive Residential Homes, Care Centers, Schools, and medical clinics provide much-needed care and hope.

Donate to Kids Alive communities in Dominican Republic


Guatemala struggles with deep poverty, malnutrition, forced child labor, child abuse, and other tragic social issues. But God is at work, rescuing His children through the compassion of Kids Alive staff and missionaries who love them.

Donate to Kids Alive communities in Guatemala



Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, is home to 9.5 million people and some of the most desperate conditions imaginable. We rescue and minister to girls and boys who are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking in their communities.

Donate to Kids Alive communities in Haiti


More than half the people of Peru live on less than $2 a day. We’re caring for orphans and for children who are victims of forced labor, and many whose malnutrition leads to crippling disease and stunted growth.

Donate to Kids Alive communities in Peru


Even in a prosperous country like Taiwan, many children are discarded by society because of disease, unstable families, and other social tragedies. Kids Alive operates Children’s Homes here where boys and girls are fed, clothed, educated, and introduced to the love of Christ.

Donate to Kids Alive communities in Taiwan


You can make a difference