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Those Ministering Behind the Scenes

Behind every smiling child’s face is a dedicated Ark Constanza staff member quietly working behind the scenes – cooking, sweeping …

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A Happy Bunch!

The smiles and bonds of friendship celebrate the joy which comes from deep within. At ANIJA everyone involved is committed …

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Rick Safe and on His Way Home

Kids Alive supporter Rick Poole, who successfully scaled Mt. Everest’s 29,035 feet high summit last week, has safely returned to …

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Rick Summits Everest!

Kids Alive supporter Rick Poole made it to the top of the world’s highest peak! Rick With Kids Alive Flag …

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Traffic Jams on the Rooftop of the World

In the latest voice message sent via sat phone earlier today, Kids Alive supporter and veteran mountain climber Rick Poole, …

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Rick Breaks Noah’s “40 Day” Record!

Kids Alive supporter Rick Poole has now exceeded Noah’s “40 day” record! Unlike Noah, however, Rick is not in an …

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Serene Mountains, Acute Breathlessness

At 19,500 feet above sea level, the azure-blue sky feels closer and stands in sharp contrast to the snow white …

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Casa Monte Plata

Sarah – Fruit of Hope

Sarah* and her brother Daniel* were among the first kids to enter Casa Monte Plata when it opened over 12 …

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2015 FD Reports - DR ANIJA

Diana – The Fruit of Hope

Twelve-year-old Diana* is the oldest child in her family and takes on a lot of responsibility for running the house, …

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Ark Constanza

Lola – Fruit of Hope

Lola* comes from a dysfunctional family where she learned that the best way to survive is to run away, fight, …

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