Our Leadership

The leadership of Kids Alive International is committed to serving the organization with direction and focus flowing from our core values:

  • Keeping Christ at the center of all we do
  • Pursuing excellence in every area of ministry
  • Continuing to grow and thrive so we can rescue and care for more children

Leadership Team

Our Global and Regional Leadership Team works to empower our ministry across the world with the support, resources, and encouragement they need.

Rachel Davidson

Executive Vice President of Global Ethics and Policy

Karin Douglas

Senior Vice President of Global Engagement and Partnerships

Corbey Dukes

Corbey Dukes


Jeff Eder

Jeff Eder

Vice President,
Finance and Internal Operations

Regional Leadership

Chantry Mweemba

Regional Vice President, Africa and the Middle East

Vinicio Javier Zuquino-Barrientos

Vinicio Javier Zuquino-Barrientos

Regional Vice President, Latin America

Board of Directors:

  • Sheri McCurley, Board Chair
  • David Rodgers, Board Secretary – Treasurer
  • John Breul, Board Member
  • Shane Scott, Board Member
  • Annette Mandrell, Board Member
  • Cliff Peterson, Board Member
  • Tom Rawlings, Board Member
  • Keith Dickerson, Board Member

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