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Read about our country responses and our prayers for you!

Kids Alive is praying for you during this time as you pray for our work around the world

We’re working hard to keep our kids and staff safe and well-fed during the coronavirus pandemic, but shortages of food and hygiene supplies are already occurring, and costs are skyrocketing. We know that you’re feeling it too – let’s pray for each other and work toward protecting the most vulnerable!


Coronavirus – Update #2

March 16, 2020

Kids Alive is continuing to monitor Coronavirus developments and make daily adjustments as necessary for the protection of the children we serve and our staff – both in the US and at our ministry sites in twelve countries.

With the global crisis still on the rise, the numbers of infected and the effects on health care systems and economies change hourly. Our ministries are likely to be impacted. Consequently, we are taking proactive steps to protect the health of our kids and staff, and we are increasing our emphasis on being good global citizens by helping to prevent the spread of the virus. These steps include:

  • Postponing all non-essential air travel, inside or outside the US, through May 31
  • Delaying of all Service Teams scheduled before May 31
  • Eliminating meetings and events of 10 or more people
  • Delivering essential messaging of hygiene and social distancing practices
  • Increasing communication with all our countries ensuring precautions are followed
  • Providing frequent updates to US and international staff regarding changing advisories
  • Monitoring of official and reputable sources for the latest developments, including:

Additionally, in keeping with our commitment to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus, the Kids Alive International Office in Valparaiso will be closed for at least the next ten days. During this time our staff will be working remotely, and though we will attempt to create smooth adjustments we know there may be unforeseen delays as we make the shift. Please be patient with us if some processes and responses are slower than usual.

We will continue to keep our Kids Alive family updated as needed, so please check this space for changes that affect our kids and all those who serve them. Pray with us that God will heal the afflicted and comfort the fearful during these uncertain times.

Our response to the Coronavirus

March 12, 2020

Kids Alive is taking the widening threat of the Coronavirus very seriously. The changes brought about by the virus’s spread are already affecting many, if not most, of our family of supporters, and you maybe be concerned about the effects on the children we serve. Currently, we have no reports of any of our children or staff diagnosed with COVID-19, and for this, we are extremely grateful.

We are actively working on the prioritization and allocation of resources to ensure escalated health and hygiene procedures and practices at all our sites as well as our International Office. In addition, we are:

  • Providing training to staff in all our countries, including raising awareness on the virus, how it spreads, how risk can be mitigated, recognizing symptoms, monitoring and reporting of cases, and securing treatment when necessary
  • Creating awareness among all children in our homes, schools, and care centers to be vigilant and mitigate risk, training them in washing hands, helping to keep surfaces clean, following preventive practices while coughing and sneezing, etc.
  • Postponing all Service Team trips and all non-essential international and air travel for staff between now and May 31

We are closely monitoring the developments with the Coronavirus via CDC, WHO and other credible sources to ensure we are well-positioned to respond to any developments at our sites. Because many of the Coronavirus symptoms and the methods of transmission overlap with the common cold and the familiar influenza, it is important to be extremely vigilant – especially during and after travel – for the onset of symptoms and for possible avenues of exposure.

We are committed to keeping our donors, sponsors, and other partners up to date on any news related to this current crisis, especially developments that could affect our staff, kids, and those planning travel to our ministry sites.

Thank you for praying with us for the safety of our children, for the dedicated workers responsible for their care, and for all those who give selflessly during the year by traveling to our sites and supporting the work there.


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