It is with thankfulness that I write on behalf of Kids Alive Peru. 

As a ministry that works with and for children with heartbreaking stories, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the ugliness of the trauma they have experienced, or to dwell on the difficulty suffered from this pandemic. But we can say with thankfulness and gladness in our hearts that we have also been blessed to witness the actions of a loving Savior as those children find in Jesus “The Answer” to all of the heartbreak!

We have witnessed children restored to their families as our team works with them to find healing and a new way forward. We have been blessed to see families of children, served through our Family Center, catch a vision for their identity in Christ and start to seek to bless others in their community in His name! 

Through all of this we remember the words from the Gospel of John, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” – John 1:5 (NIV)

I speak on behalf of Kids Alive Peru’s staff when I say “thank you” for serving with us! Your prayers, gifts, and other acts of service are part of how God makes restoration of children from hopeless situations possible. It is nothing short of a miracle to witness children and families redeemed by God’s love and restored to lives of purpose and joy.

We hope that this story of God moving and bringing forward His kingdom will bless you, as it has us, and that it would spur all of us forward as we expect to see Him do even greater things than this!

Dan Anderson
Country Director, Peru

Kids Alive Peru Ministries

Restorative Residential Ministries

Kids Alive Peru’s children’s homes exist to serve children who for reasons of abuse and abandonment have lost the safety and security of their families. Each children’s home receives the child into a family-style environment where their house parents focus on providing them with an environment that is and feels safe while beginning to build healthy relationships with them.

Both direct-care staff, support staff and the child’s psychologist work with and for the child with the goal of facilitating an environment that promotes healing from the trauma they have lived through.

At the same time, Kids Alive Peru’s Families Together Team connects with the child’s family; first with their nuclear family and then with extended family, until a future home for the child is found. The team then works to prepare and strengthen the family for the child to be reintegrated and restored back to what was lost to him/her. In cases where the Families Together Team is unable to find biological family able to care for the child then foster and adoption solutions are pursued.

Kids Alive Peru’s goal and its prayer for every child served comes from Psalm 68:6 “God places the lonely in families…”

Residential sites: Juniper Tree Children’s Home, Orchard Children’s Home, Friends of Peru Children’s Home

Prevention-based Family Strengthening Centers

Kids Alive Peru’s family centers exist to serve at-risk families in the communities that surround its residential centers. The profile of the families served are those whose children face some sort of risk (of violence, abuse, neglect, cyclical poverty, broken families, etc…). Through connection to local leaders, other families who have participated in Oasis programing in the past, and local government entities tasked with receiving and assisting cases of child or vulnerable adult abuse, the Kids Alive Peru family centers connect with these families and offer support through one of the following two projects:
  1. Family Strengthening Programs – These programs are designed to serve many families annually. They include but are not limited to: after-school homework club for children; accelerated high school classes with childcare provided for adolescents and adults (priority given to adolescent mothers), sewing, carpentry, welding, and cooking workshops; basic computer, budget management and family finance, and parenting classes; bible studies, and connection to other families from their community (these are families who serve with us as volunteers from local churches).
  2. Holistic Professional Accompaniment – A smaller number of families with a greater need for help are invited into a holistic intervention with the Oasis team of professionals. A family center social worker works with any engaged family members to create a life plan where the family identifies any obstacles to their flourishing as a family and to their children living a life free of fear and violence. They are connected to the on-site psychologist and the Kids Alive Peru child protection lawyer on an as-needed basis and are connected to mentors (family center staff or church volunteers). The intervention is considered a success when a family has resolved whatever crisis is facing them and when they are positioned to face new challenges on their own with the healthy supportive relationships around them that they have formed through the help of the family center team.

Family Centers: Oasis Family Center, Lighthouse Family Center

Systems-focused Work in Communities

The San Jose Free of Fear and Violence initiative exists in response to the large number of reports of violence enacted against children and vulnerable adults in San Jose and the surrounding communities. This project is run by the Lighthouse Family Center team. Through this initiative Kids Alive Peru seeks to achieve the following objectives:
  • Educate families and community leaders in and around San Jose on how to protect their children and how to seek assistance and justice when a victim’s rights have been violated
  • Educate children in and around San Jose concerning correct actions to take when facing danger or abuse, and ensure that those children have trustworthy advocates to reach out to
  • Raise up leaders in San Jose and the surrounding areas who are passionate about protecting children and vulnerable adults in their community and who are equipped to act when needed
  • Through the lighthouse multi-discipline team, actively accompany victims of violence and abuse to ensure that their rights are upheld by state institutions and that they receive necessary help
  • Form a communal network of leaders and institutions of San José and surrounding areas dedicated to connecting victims of violence and abuse to a state institution that ensures their rights