Mosquito Bed Nets


Mosquitos carry deadly diseases, including malaria and Zika, in many countries we serve. An insecticide-treated bed net is an affordable …

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Tia Care Basket


Our residential house moms, or “tias” as they are known in our Latin American countries, give their lives sacrificially to …

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Families Together


Kids Alive believes every child belongs in a family, and in cases where a child can’t remain with his or …

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Give Where the Need is Greatest

Can't decide which gift to select? We can choose the gifts most urgently needed.

How Your Gifts Are Used


75.4%  Program Services for Children

12.4%  Management and General

12.2%  Fundraising and Promotion

Some organizations use their catalog items as “representative” gifts and the funds are pooled and spent more generally. But when you choose gifts through the Kids Alive Gift Catalog, your actual gift choices are allocated to the appropriate countries to meet specific needs identified in the catalog.

In the unlikely event that a gift you’ve designated is over-funded (or can no longer be carried out), your gift will be applied by Kids Alive International where needed most.

Gifts may not be designated for a particular child or site (unless that site is specifically mentioned in the gift description).