Spring means hope. For me, that means baseball. After such a brutal year and painful winter, last night, when I bought tickets to a June baseball game, I felt absolutely, defiantly, hopeful.

It’s no coincidence that the first Passover and the first Easter occurred in the spring. They are both absolutely, defiantly, hopeful. They say no to bondage and no to death. They give us the right to live – absolutely, defiantly – in the light and with hope, even as the world shakes with the pandemic.

Expressing that defiant hope can be done in many simple ways. Buying tickets to a game three months from now seems very hopeful. Looking forward to birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day – brings the hope of joyful gatherings and gifts.

It’s been a dark and difficult winter for our world, and especially for the most vulnerable. Children and families already on the edges of society and in the grip of poverty have experienced some of the darkest days of their lives. So, it’s a particularly appropriate time for us to share gifts that will help light their world. In your hand is an opportunity to share the hope of spring and a Savior with vulnerable children and orphans. Our 2021 Kids Alive Spring Gift Catalog holds dozens of life-changing gifts – medical care, water filters, tablets, Bibles – and so many more.

But don’t just bless a child. . . you can honor a loved one at the same time, or say thank you to a medical caregiver, a first responder, your pastor, or your child’s teacher, by giving a gift in their name – and we’ll send a card to let them know.

Even during the coldest, darkest winters of life, there is always hope. Spring will come, and with it, new life, and the renewal that Jesus promises through His life. Thank you for joining with us to bring light and hope to our world!

God's Peace,


Corbey Dukes, President

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How Your Gifts Are Used


77%  Program Services for Children

11%  Management and General

12%  Fundraising and Promotion

Some organizations use their catalog items as “representative” gifts and the funds are pooled and spent more generally. But when you choose gifts through the Kids Alive Gift Catalog, your actual gift choices are allocated to the appropriate countries to meet specific needs identified in the catalog.

In the unlikely event that a gift you’ve designated is over-funded (or can no longer be carried out), your gift will be applied by Kids Alive International where needed most.

Gifts may not be designated for a particular child or site (unless that site is specifically mentioned in the gift description).