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Our Work

Kids Alive is at work, every day, in many communities across the world. Because needs vary so much from region to region and even country to country, we tailor our programs to meet those needs. Each of our programs falls into at least one of these categories:

Preventive Programs:

These programs provide early intervention through education, while also meeting physical needs and providing discipleship that promotes hope in difficult circumstances.

Strengthening Programs:

Many Kids Alive programs provide trauma-informed care for children and teens who are at higher risk or who have suffered abuse (physical, emotional, or sexual). Kids Alive staff create multidisciplinary teams, including Christian social workers, psychologists, counselors, and attorneys to address more challenging situations.

Restorative Programs:

In collaboration with child protection systems, Kids Alive provides restorative care if a child must be legally removed from family (temporarily or permanently) or has no family option.

Systems Programs:

We work with governments and like-minded organizations to create more just, responsive systems for children and to reduce violence and exploitation in communities.

Ministry Updates
Ministry Updates
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