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Keeping Families Together

Nothing is more heartbreaking than a single mom or grandmother coming to Kids Alive because she can’t feed her children or grandchildren.

Through our Keeping Families Together program, Kids Alive is able to reach out and help at-risk children…right in their own home! We provide support to a poor single parent or other relative, helping them by caring for the needs of the child and family.

This initiative helps children who have a home and someone to take care of them but where there aren’t enough resources to meet the needs of the child and family.

Keeping Families Together Guatemala
We work with the families of girls that need to be reintegrated — from our programs — back into their families and communities. A social worker assists them and we help develop microenterprises to help sustain them. We also provide education, counseling, and other forms of support for families and encourage their spiritual development and growth.

Keeping Families Together Kenya
We work with families in the communities around our Children’s Homes providing education, training, and helping families develop agriculture and raise livestock. We connect these families with churches and support groups where families and single mothers can meet together and encourage each other toward success.

Keeping Families Together Peru – Familias con Esperanza
In Peru, we offer education, bible studies, and training for mothers and help establish them in microenterprises to support their family.

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