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Meet Kids Alive

Our Purpose

At Kids Alive International we believe every child, even those with the most challenging needs, is a priority to God, and far too many are overlooked, unheard, exploited, and threatened.

Our mission is the call of Isaiah 1:17, to serve these children by constantly learning better ways to meet their needs, earnestly seeking justice for them, empowering them for a healthy future, and advocating for community change.

Our Goals

Accomplishing that mission means every child we serve will have a present and future where they:

Enjoy a vibrant, life-changing relationship with God

Experience emotional and physical well-being

Are equipped for a life of independence and service

Live life in family and community, free of fear and violence

Our Strategy for Implementation

Preventive Programs:

These programs provide early intervention through education, while also meeting physical needs and providing discipleship that promotes hope in difficult circumstances.

Strengthening Programs:

Many Kids Alive programs provide trauma-informed care for children and teens who are at higher risk or who have suffered abuse (physical, emotional, or sexual). Kids Alive staff create multidisciplinary teams, including Christian social workers, psychologists, counselors, and attorneys to address more challenging situations.

Restorative Programs:

In collaboration with child protection systems, Kids Alive provides restorative care if a child must be legally removed from family (temporarily or permanently) or has no family option.

Systems Programs:

We work with governments and like-minded organizations to create more just, responsive systems for children and to reduce violence and exploitation in communities.

Here’s my Gift to Help Children in Need

Your gift today – no matter how small or how large – goes to help suffering children worldwide.

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