New Kids at Santo Domingo North

In early September, 25 new students joined our school! The newest class of three-year-olds was chosen from among the most needy families living within a mile of the school. And now, these new kids are getting into the rhythm of life at their new school - studying, hanging out with friends, celebrating birthdays, and having fun.

In many cases, these children have teenage moms and absentee dads; consequently, the children wind up being raised by their grandmothers. Tragically, this is a common situation among the poor in the Dominican Republic. At Santo Domingo North school, we usually have more student-candidates than space in a classroom, so it is quite challenging to decide on whom to admit.

On the positive side, those who join our school are far more likely to graduate from high school, be healthy emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and have a positive impact on their family and community. Please pray that each of these new students will grow to be agents of change for God in their homes, families, communities, and country.