When you give to Kids Alive, your generosity helps to serve children who are in need and keeps our doors open to suffering children.

By giving a gift today, you know that:
  • Your generosity helps to serve children who are in need.
  • You are caring for displaced children, families, and refugees.  
  • You are giving our global leadership the ability to respond to urgent needs as they arise. 

Join us on this journey today. 

Will you give today? 

Yes, our world is in crisis.

In Guatamala national protests stemming from a presidential election have caused food prices to skyrocket 500% in one week and created an unsafe environment for children and vulnerable families.  It also puts our staff at great risk as they travel to and from ministry projects.

In Haiti civil unrest, gang violence, kidnapping and rampant inflation have causes severe strain to the 320 children and 230 families we serve.

We know in moments like these the light of Christ can shine through the darkness, fueled by the generosity of His church.

Will you give an emergency response gift right now? 

Participate in our 2023 Treat Fund!

If you would like to bless a student with a gift for a special occasion, we encourage donors to give a tax-deductible gift to the Treat Fund.

Your gifts to the Treat Fund will be applied to a “pool” of funds to be used for all the students at the school. This ensures that every child receives a Christmas gift and a birthday celebration.


Here’s my Gift to Help Children in Need

Your gift today – no matter how small or how large – goes to help suffering children worldwide.

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Ministry Updates
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