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Dominican Republic is a country mired in deep poverty and home to more than 10 million people. For over 30 years, Kids Alive has grown to serve over 2,200 children in family-style residential homes, care centers, and schools. Without intervention, most of our children would be unable to break the cycle of poverty that traps them in hopelessness.

Education is crucial to lifting people out of poverty and giving them hope for a better future, but the Dominican public school system is rated the worst of all Spanish-speaking countries*, with both poor quality and high drop-out rates. Several studies estimate that less than 20% of poor children graduate from high school, which perpetuates cyclical poverty in families.

Kids Alive remains steadfast in our mission to bring hope to those who feel trapped, and we have clearly seen God’s hand working to transform lives.

Our ministries are experiencing success in breaking cycles of poverty and putting kids on the road to brighter futures. Most importantly, every child we serve hears about the God of hope who desperately loves them.

From the ashes of many societal problems, young, excited Christians are emerging, and we feel privileged to play a role in this process. This past year has been particularly exciting as we have had Christian weddings, record numbers of high school and university graduates, and increasing quality of our programs in several important areas. Through an inspired national staff, talented missionaries, dedicated church partners and Service Teams – and the many child sponsors who support transformation from afar – we see God’s work filling hearts with hope.
*United Nations Study TERCE 2015


Kids Alive Dominican Republic Sites

ANIJA School

ANIJA now serves over 375 children and youth. Originally started as a care center 30 years ago, it has now grown into a full campus with school classrooms, playgrounds, and computer labs.

Casa Monte Plata

The Casa Monte Plata campus opened its fourth home in 2016, as well as an independence home where graduates continue to receive guidance and learn to live without adult supervision. Recent improvements include a new well, computer lab, and improved playground facilities.

Santo Domingo East

In August of 2017, we successfully converted our center into an accredited school, allowing us to offer a quality education to about 120 students. In addition to educational opportunities, we also provide nutritious meals and medical care, and we’ve recently completed a shaded playground area, added English classes, and started a girls’ soccer club.

Ark Constanza

More than 40 children are loved and cared for in four brightly-colored houses. The children who live here were either orphaned or abandoned and desperately needed a safe place to live.

Palo Blanco

Children enter our program as 3-year-olds and the school will next year include up to 10th grade; recent government approval means we will soon add grades 11 and 12. We also have community kids in our high school discipleship program, hearing the Gospel and learning to live out its truths.

Santo Domingo North

Santo Domingo North School (formerly MIANCERG) is a ministry that began to reach disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Guaricano, an impoverished “barrio” on the northern outskirts of Santo Domingo. The area is known for its garbage filled streets and the tremendous amounts of pollution created when the garbage is burned.

Ark Jarabacoa

Ark Jarabacoa is our oldest and largest residential care facility and is a loving home for more than 45 children. Children at the Ark have been orphaned or rescued from difficult circumstances and we nurture and provide holistically for each one.

Park School and Care Center

Park School and Care Center, located on the north coast of Dominican Republic, serves both Dominican and Haitian children from a nearby impoverished community. In 2005, Kids Alive opened the care center program and has continued to expand its facilities and services.

Eva Russell School

Monte Plata is the third poorest province in the country and many kids are stuck in a web of spiritual and material poverty. More than 30 years ago, Eva M. Russell School started in a chicken coop to care for and educate impoverished, at-risk children. After over 25 years as a Kids Alive ministry, over 200 children receive daily holistic care. The school has helped transform the lives of hundreds of children and youth.


of impoverished Dominican Republic children graduate from high school


of the population lives below the poverty level


refugees have come to the Dominican Republic from even poorer countries

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Site Partnership also allows for services that reach beyond the basics of what Child Sponsorship provides, supplying resources for trauma training and therapy, nutritionists, social workers, educational counselors, discipleship, and more.