The ANIJA School’s name is the Spanish acronym for “helping the children of Jarabacoa” and that mission is lived out every day. We serve more than 380 children and youth and we also house the administrative centers for the Kids Alive soccer club and university scholarship program. Our experienced staff have a passion for helping at-risk kids and they make our program feel like a big family. About 30% of our staff were once at-risk kids who attended our school and benefited from our ministry. read more »

Crisleidy ANIJA

The Face of Hope at ANIJA

Jennifer* came to ANIJA when she was four years old. We realized that she must be struggling emotionally and not able to communicate what was wrong. At times, she refused to speak at all and wasn’t making any progress learning to read. Our staff got together and developed a plan to get involved on multiple levels, to try and figure out how to help this sweet girl.

Our counselor began working with her parents, revealing there were significant marital problems. Another counselor began investigating Jennifer’s emotional health issues and how best to treat them. And our special education worker designed some extra tutoring work to help her overcome her fear of reading. Eventually, our staff built deep trust and connection with Jennifer and her family. We are pleased to report that over the last few months she has begun to read with vigor, talk to people regularly, and smile much more. Our hope is that she will blossom into a vibrant, Christian young woman who will want to succeed and serve others. This is why we do what we do at ANIJA, giving precious, vulnerable children the chance at a better future.

*name changed to protect privacy

Partner with ANIJA

Site Partnership allows for services that reach beyond the basics of what Child Sponsorship provides, supplying resources for trauma training and therapy, nutritionists, social workers, educational counselors, discipleship, and more.

Life at ANIJA

Our students come from the poorest communities and would otherwise not have access to a solid education. Not only do we offer them a quality education including English, computers, and art, but our after-school program provides lunch, tutoring, and extracurricular activities. We are thankful that more than 80% of the students who enter our program graduate from high school, and each one hears daily about the hope found in Jesus.

How Kids Alive Cares for the Children

Rescuing Children

  • Caring for orphans and children in family-style settings
  • Providing Christian caregivers
  • Addressing physical, spiritual, and emotional needs

Giving the Gift of Education

  • Meeting individualized academic needs
  • Providing educational guidance
  • Encouraging secondary education and vocational training

Strengthening Communities

  • Meeting community needs to build strong ties
  • Addressing health care and disease prevention
  • Creating micro-enterprise solutions for economic development