Eva Russell School

Monte Plata | Dominican Republic

Home to more than 10 million people, Dominican Republic is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. In United Nations-sponsored studies, the Dominican Republic routinely ranks last in Latin American education. More than a quarter of children do not complete primary school, just over half go on to secondary school, and fewer than 20% graduate from high school, so the possibility of a better future is remote for many. read more »

Casa Monte Plata Group of Girls Smiling
Casa Monte Plata Group of Girls
Casa Monte Plata - Casa de Amor

Hope Changes Everything at Eva Russell School

Many children we serve are Haitian and have come to Dominican Republic while their families search for work and better opportunities. However, many Haitians face intense discrimination and hardship. Rachel* is from a Haitian family and has attended our school since she was five years old. A strong temperament and anger issues caused her to get in fights, fail first and second grades, and show a lack of respect to her teachers. Several times she was sent to the school psychologist to help her learn positive behavior and healthy personal interaction.

We are overjoyed to see such wonderful changes in Rachel over the past two years! Not only is she performing well in school, but she is responsible, respectful, and building healthy relationships with her peers. Most importantly, she made the decision to follow Jesus, the One who gives her true hope for the future. Rachel says that she would like to attend college after graduating from our program, and we pray that she will influence her family, community, and the world with the good news of Jesus.

*name changed to protect privacy

How Kids Alive Cares for the Children

Rescuing Children

  • Caring for orphans and children in family-style settings
  • Providing Christian caregivers
  • Addressing physical, spiritual, and emotional needs

Giving the Gift of Education

  • Meeting individualized academic needs
  • Providing educational guidance
  • Encouraging secondary education and vocational training

Strengthening Communities

  • Meeting community needs to build strong ties
  • Addressing health care and disease prevention
  • Creating micro-enterprise solutions for economic development

Partner with Eva Russell School

Site Partnership allows for services that reach beyond the basics of what Child Sponsorship provides, supplying resources for trauma training and therapy, nutritionists, social workers, educational counselors, discipleship, and more.

Life at Eva Russell School

The Eva Russell School has grown and changed dramatically over the past three decades. The program has grown to serve over 200 students a day through ninth grade, and the facility has expanded to have a library, computer lab, a water purification system and a dental clinic. Impoverished families from the community appreciate the no-cost quality education and holistic care offered by the school and many students begin a serious relationship with Christ during these formative years at the Eva Russell School.